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Four-point contact bearings are primarily used for slow to moderate-speed applications. Also they are especially effective in applications in which the rotating element has a high ratio of diameter to axial length.

A single four-point contact bearing usually makes a second bearing unnecessary, which provides some very important benefits:

  • space savings
  • weight savings
  • cost savings
  • rigidity and accuracy
  • faster installation
  • less maintenance
  • integral mounting holes, gears, etc.

Thanks to a unique ball path geometry that produces twice as many contact points, a four-point contact bearing can resist radial, thrust and moment loads individually or in any combination. It has one row of balls with an inner race and an outer race. The ball grooves are generated from two centers, with each radius slightly larger than the ball radius. Contact angles are typically 35° off the radial centerline, but can be varied to suit the application.

ROLLFINE manufactures four point contact bearings with a 35° contact angle and machined brass cage.